Southern Nevada


Project Site: Southern Nevada

Country: The United States of America

State: Nevada

County: Clark County

City: Las Vegas

5,645 people are experiencing homelessness, 51% unsheltered and 49% sheltered.

13,972 will experience homelessness in our community at some point this year (2022)

92% of the unsheltered live on the street, outdoors, in vehicles, desert, and in encampments

80% of the sheltered live in emergency shelters

To end homelessness in Clark County, which has become an alarming matter in the area, our comprehensive solution entails an intervention program, ECASS, that will deliver services to support homeless people's new lease on life and a fully-fledged community, Unifiedville, where homeless people are empowered to become self-sufficient.

Unifiedville will be the primary domain and a significant part of the ECASS program and a community that will be highly beneficial from a socio-economical and environmental standpoint, equipping homeless people with a sense of normalcy and dignity as they work to contribute to their recovery.