We aim at sustainability ..

WHAT DO WE DO - Our programs are replicable, expandable, and scalable. They involve water and sanitation, healthcare, low-cost housing, training, awareness, education, and more.

WHERE DO WE DO IT - United States & Developing countries.

WHO DO WE DO IT FOR - We care for poor demographics who suffer:

Marginalization, Inequality, Homelessness, Social oppression, Conflict, Climate change, and Lack of government support.

WHY DO WE DO IT - We believe that the act of giving boosts happiness, health, and a sense of well-being. We care to remedy societies and achieve social justice because we commit to the universal call to end poverty and protect the planet, pledging that no one will be left behind. So we seek inclusion to vigorously reinforce involvement and empowerment of people to recognize their worth to live with dignity with resilience, equal opportunities, cultural development, self-sufficiency, and self-esteem.

WHEN DO WE DO IT - The vicious cycle of need is only broken by vitality and grit. We persistently work year-round to support the vulnerable and make a change; only financial support can limit our activity.

HOW DO WE DO IT - Our approach is holistic and aspires to resonate in fulfilling people's needs with a positive impact, contagiously expanding to the needy. We develop different and innovative solutions and avoid following conventional programs. We address all aspects of the problem differently by looking at what can be strong in deprived communities rather than what is wrong with them; radical solutions usually come from within.

WHEEL - The program model was developed to tackle the primary elements impeding the development of rural areas in developing countries. It aims at improving readjustments in the face of adversity. The name WHEEL aptly symbolizes the wheel of development. The program can conform to different geographies and cultures. It comprises five influential projects:

Water, Healthcare, Education, Environment, and Livelihood

ECASS - A collaborative, Effective Core And Supportive Services program that aims at a continuous transformative impact on homelessness in the United States of America. The program will deliver a full-fledged center of activities involving affordable permanent housing, Community Integration Programs, and Supportive Services.

We contribute to the following global Sustainable Development Goals