We aim at sustainability .. 

We are passionate about creating and implementing solutions that address the needs and challenges of poor and marginalized communities. Our programs cover various areas such as water and sanitation, healthcare, low-cost housing, training, awareness, education, and more. We serve people who face Marginalization, Inequality, Homelessness, Social oppression, Conflict, Climate change, and Lack of government support.

We are motivated by the belief that giving is good for the soul and society. We care about social justice and human dignity and align ourselves with the global goal of ending poverty and protecting the planet. We ensure that no one is left behind by promoting inclusion, participation, and empowerment of the people we serve. We help them realize their potential, live with dignity, and achieve resilience, equal opportunities, cultural development, self-sufficiency, and self-esteem.

We are committed to working tirelessly throughout the year to support the vulnerable and make a difference. Our only limitation is our financial resources. We adopt a holistic and innovative approach that aims to meet the needs of the people with a positive and lasting impact. We do not follow conventional programs but rather develop different and creative solutions that leverage the strengths and assets of the communities we work with. We believe that radical change comes from within. 

We have created two initiatives to support the development of marginalized communities in developing countries and one to end homelessness in the United States of America.

ECASS | The program ECASS collaborates to deliver Effective Core And Supportive Services that strive to eradicate homelessness in the United States of America. The program will establish a full-scale center of activities encompassing affordable permanent housing, Community Integration Programs, and Supportive Services. Learn more...

WHEEL | The program model WHEEL tackles the key elements that impede the development of rural areas in developing countries. It seeks to improve adaptability in the face of difficulties. The name WHEEL symbolizes the wheel of development, which the program embodies. It can adjust to different settings and cultures. It includes five powerful projects: Water, Healthcare, Education, Environment, and Livelihood. Learn more...