Water, Healthcare, Education, Environment, & Livelihood|Developing Marginalized Communities
We aim to build communities rather than serve them. We assist communities in recognizing their potential and strength and using their untapped resources to become self-sufficient. Marginalized communities in developing countries have a lot of richness at their core but don’t have anything due to unawareness of the treasures they possess.

The program model WHEEL is designed to address the main challenges that prevent rural areas in developing countries from achieving sustainable development. It aims to enhance the resilience and capacity of the communities to cope with various adversities such as poverty, conflict, climate change, and disease. WHEEL represents the wheel of development, which the program strives to set in motion and keep rolling. It can adapt to different geographical and cultural contexts and tailor its interventions accordingly. It consists of five impactful projects that cover the essential aspects of human well-being and environmental protection: Water, Healthcare, Education, Environment, and Livelihood. Each project has specific objectives, activities, and indicators that measure its progress and impact. The projects are interrelated and mutually reinforcing, creating a holistic and integrated approach to development.